SA-TU Logistics changed to import phase 1 of Finnish Customs’ new UTU system on Wednesday 21 April 2021. We kindly request customers to take note of at least the following:

· If you would like Finnish Customs’ periodic filing as an e-invoice, please provide us with your electronic invoicing address. An electronic invoicing address must be provided for every import declaration in UTU so that Finnish Customs can send the periodic filing to the customer.

· For UTU imports, we can use either the importer’s or SA-TU’s import guarantee for import declarations. It is no longer possible to use a third-party import guarantee.

· If you want SA-TU to act as your message exchange provider for imports, exports and transit, please change your existing message exchange authorisation by declaring SA-TU to be your messaging service provider.

· The customs clearance decision is no longer an invoice. In the world of UTU, a periodic filing sent by Finnish Customs or an invoice sent by SA-TU containing the charges collected by Finnish Customs acts as a customs invoice.

· A separate periodic filing is sent for UTU import, so at least initially, you may receive separate periodic filings from Finnish Customs from UTU and from ITU.

· If goods are stored in our bonded warehouses, we will receive the UTU decision on release directly from Finnish Customs. This will allow for a faster release process than before. If the person compiling the customs declaration states our warehouse ID as the location, we will receive a decision on release at the same time as the declarant. Please note that this does not apply to the current ITU system, which will operate alongside UTU for some time.